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How to use

how to use viewerbot

How to use the viewerbot?

Step by step learn how to use our viewerbot !

  1. Refresh interval of Chrome browsers. Re-establishes connection, you better set. (10 Preferred)
  2. Preferred stream quality. (Optional)
  3. Your proxy list. You have to buy private proxies. You can buy it online. Create a .txt file in this format;IPADRESS:PORT:USERNAME:PASSWORD
    ……Don’t forget, these must be private proxies. (Required)
  4. Open in headless(invisible) browser. (Optional)
  5. Stream URL. (Required)
  6. Login credentials. (Optionalfor Facebook a must) Type it in this format;Username Password
    Username2 Password2
    Username3 Password3
  7. Bot & Live viewers count.
  8. Use low CPU&RAM.
  9. Stream service. (Required)
  10. Chat messages for logged in viewers. (Optional)
  11. User-Agent list. (Optional)
  12. Start button.
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